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Sample Request

Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 7:34 AM
To: Heather Daniels
Subject: New marketing material

Hi Heather,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help on the new marketing material we just received. The box wrap works perfectly and you folks did an extraordinary job of printing. They're truly stunning!!!

Thanks again,

Chris Martin

We have initially received 15 new memberships based on the membership brochure insert in the current summer newsletter, totaling $1,620 in membership revenue to date!

Thanks to everyone at Ace Direct for all your hard work in helping make this happen!

Angie G. Valdericeda
Prospect Management & Membership Coordinator
Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

I just wanted to thank you and Mark one more time for the beautiful program you did for us!  Our event was Saturday night—and it was lovely!  We received many compliments, the girls had a wonderful time, the hotel even asked to keep a copy of the program for their files (!!!). 

Your willingness to make the program perfect for me…on time and within budget….will never be forgotten!  Great Job!  Thank you,

Stacey R. Wessman
Palm Springs National Charity League

Thanks so much for your help with the River Directory last week. What an exciting new partnership for us!

In that spirit, I also wanted to thank AceDirect for the beautiful work on foxpaws magazine, the education promotional cards and corresponding poster. I recently met with two prospective Living Desert corporate partners, and was so pleased to be able to present them with such professional, accessible designs. In fact, it was our “new look” that helped engage a Vice-President for one of the corporations, who had previously been a bit unresponsive during our meeting. He thumbed through foxpaws and fanned the promotional cards and said “This is good work.” I can honestly say that at that moment, such a comment was equitable to hearing that we were the greatest non-profit organization on earth. We are now working on a number of cross-marketing strategies with this corporation, and I’m simply thrilled.

Thanks again for all your efforts. We truly appreciate it!

Franchesca Forrer
Director of Sponsorship and Benefits
The Living Desert

You guys have done another awesome job on the Rick Weiss invitations with so little time!!!

Evelyn Vokal
Total Marketing Partners

WOW! That's all I can say right now....WOW! I can't believe the rack cards are printed and I've got 4 boxes sitting in my office! I told our distributor they wouldn't be ready until the 15th or after. WOW! That means they can start getting them distributed and be in place long before Sept. 1. ACE RULES AND DELIVERS!!!! Thank you so much for all your help, expertise, patience and dedication to TLD.

Marcia Fisher
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
The Living Desert

Just packing up my hotel room to get back to Europe.
I wanted to add my thanks for a great all-round effort by your team. I know my client (Andrew) is delighted and is writing to you separately but I can tell you that my production team were also in awe of the work you did – particularly, as I said yesterday, the help we received from Brian. He rescued us again last night when there had been a text box left overlaying an ad – he is a real star. We produce dailies for a number of different clients around the world and I sincerely hope that we get the chance to come back to Palm Springs since I will be confident of working with one of the most professional outfits we have come across yet.

With very best wishes
Alan Peaford
Aerocomm Ltd.